Why Become Certified

Electoral bodies stand to benefit from certification against ISO standards in a number of ways.

Certification against ISO standards has demonstrably positive effects on electoral administration, allowing electoral bodies to deliver electoral services that better meet the expectations of voters, candidates, and political organizations. Certification helps electoral bodies generate more transparent and efficient electoral processes, thereby promoting credibility and public trust in the institution.

The implementation of quality management systems helps electoral authorities achieve the objectives laid out in their strategic plans, in areas as diverse as procurement, training, logistics, citizen outreach, and voter registration, to name a few. Establishing quality and electoral client satisfaction as the focal points of electoral service leads to the professionalization of management and institutional strengthening. Regardless of the specific objectives of an electoral body, and irrespective of its initial capability, the adoption of an electoral standard can contribute to more effective and more efficient organization. Electoral management systems promote the continued development of electoral body personnel, strengthen organizational culture and drive management excellence through a philosophy of continual improvement.

The certification dimension confers additional advantages on an electoral body. By certifying against an electoral standard such as ISO/TS 17582, an electoral body can publicly declare its commitment to achieving the highest standards of quality and providing reliable electoral services to the citizens it serves. The certification process objectively supports such a declaration through unbiased evidence of performance substantiated by an independent agency. Adopting a quality management system also involves an array of external benefits that extend beyond internal improvements. Formal certification can profoundly affect the reputation of the electoral body with the voters, candidates and political organizations it serves, as well as with the greater international community. The prestige and gravitas of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) lends further weight and credence to the results. Consequently, certification can contribute significantly to instilling confidence in the electoral body and the electoral system overall.

In this regard, the IEAB ensures that the certifications issued against electoral standards enjoy the highest levels of integrity and credibility in the eyes of the public.