Certified Electoral Bodies

By certifying against an ISO electoral standard, an electoral management body publicly declares its commitment to quality and transparency in its electoral processes and to the continual improvement of its electoral services. Electoral authorities throughout the world are able to obtain ISO certification against ISO/TS 17582.

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IEAB Accredited CABs

The IEAB works with organizations from across the globe that perform conformance assessments and issue certifications of electoral bodies against international standards.

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IEAB Authorized Professionals

The IEAB trains and authorizes lead assessors and assessment team members to execute electoral certification audits, as well as professionals who offer training in electoral standards and IEAB assessment methodology.

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What is the IEAB?


The International Electoral Accreditation Body works to promote transparency and quality in elections by supporting the certification of election management bodies against international electoral standards such as ISO/T 17582. We accredit certification houses in electoral matters, train and authorize auditors in electoral standards and maintain a standardized assessment process for electoral-body certifications.

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IEAB Accreditations: The Accredited CAB Program


The partner program allows certification houses and conformance assessment bodies to perform audits and issue certifications against international standards to election management bodies with the endorsement of the IEAB. Qualified organizations may apply directly with the IEAB to obtain accreditation.


Certifications of Electoral Bodies


Electoral bodies on a global level work with the IEAB to obtain certification against ISO standards, based on comprehensive audits carried out by third-party conformance assessment bodies. We partner electoral bodies with accredited conformance assessment bodies that implement standardized assessment processes, procedures and support materials during electoral-body certifications.

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IEAB Professional Authorization Program


Only IEAB authorized professionals can serve as lead auditors and perform certification assessments for electoral bodies. We provide a variety of services, including training in electoral standards, to ensure that IEAB-sanctioned professionals possess the requisite competencies and qualifications to carry out electoral audits.

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